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Acquiring Right of Way in Alaska for Public and Private projects since 1979

We have substantial land and Right of Way acquisition experience with Municipal Public Works projects, Roads, Drainage, Electric Utilities, Telephone, Cable Television, Water & Sewer Utilities, Airport Acquisitions & Leasing, Residential and Business Relocation Assistance, Highway and Pipeline rights of way, Electric Substation Sites, Antenna and Communication Sites, Park Sites, and School Sites.


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*Easement Acquisition 

*Fee Acquisition 

*Permit Acquisition

*Negotiations with Property Owners, Tenants & Agencies 

*Residential and Business Relocation Assistance 

*Real Estate Brokerage  

*Commercial Leasing 

*Value Estimate Preparation 

*Lease Negotiations 

*Title Research 

*Notary Service 


*Property Management 

*Land and Right of Way Acquisition Management

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